Issue 1

As an attempt to create a platform to express ideas and showcase talents at Wadiyar Centre for Architecture, the newsletter came into being. It is a stage for reporting and spreading knowledge, shared by students and teachers alike.

Starting off as an assignment, the process was intriguing and the result fruitful. To give the newsletter a certain direction and guideline, a theme that was neither too open-ended nor too restrictive was necessary; something relatable yet informative. After due confusion and discussion, we arrived at ‘Transition’. It seemed to fit the requirement well as everyone would’ve undergone change during some part of their lives, college- related or not.

A nascent student enters college from a school-like atmosphere, a senior student begins moving from a confused state from a sane one (or not), a new faculty starts getting used to the new environment, a senior faculty adjusts to the new additions in the college, a trustee transcends further into ‘guru state’ from a practitioner. Each person has their own views on the subject, college, the profession and life.

‘Courtyard’ should be used as a space to express and share them.
With all of you, we too experienced transition first hand. From being contributors to now becoming curators was a big step. The entire process was tedious and unforgiving towards the editorial team, yet it feels incredible to have put out this collection of ideas and our sincere hope is that the following batches take it forward with equal or more enthusiasm.

-Soujanya Shivram & Aliptha Reddy Govindu

Click below to view the issue:

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