Issue 2

Growth is a natural process. It is essential in helping us mould ourselves into better human beings. Taking the idea of transition from the previous month’s issue to the next step, we arrived at the theme of growth. This could be so personal or subjective to each one of us and the journeys we have all been through could vary on many levels.

Right from the conception of WCFA to what it is now, the college as a whole has grown immensely.

The process of growth the college has undergone from being a campus with 3 small old buildings scattered across a large field to growing into a successful college with beautiful infrastructure helping the students learn and yield better creative ideas by studying the surrounding built environment,  is massive.

This issue hence serves as a platform for all those architects, students, teachers and everybody else to freely express their thoughts and share their individual journeys on growth. How have you grown as an individual since the conception of WCFA? Thoughts similar to these have been expressed through poems, articles, sketches and comics.

In hope that this issue will help all of us understand how we as individuals experience growth at WCFA and learn from one another’s journeys.

-Varsha V

Click below to view the issue:

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