Issue 3

Welcome to issue number 3 of Courtyard! Funnily enough, we are also the third editorial team of this young and unknown platform. The previous issues, as well as this one, have been experiments in trying to find a system in which a publication like this could work. We are from a generation where reading has taken a back seat and most of our free time is spent on digital media, which brings up the question of the importance of a newsletter. And what is in it for those working on it.

Yes, we as 4th year students are doing this as part of an assignment, but I doubt that for any of us, it seemed like a submission. This has been more of a challenge that we have happily accepted without knowing anything about what needs to be done. As a starting point, each issue decided on a theme, and hoped that it would help bring in articles, poems, art and so on such that it would be possible for us to have enough matter to publish something, it has not been easy but so far, we have managed.
With this issue we have tried to go one step ahead of just a theme-based newsletter and hence I shall not be mentioning the theme at all. There are numerous opportunities that the Courtyard can offer us. It is a platform for us to share our views, express our take on matters that are college-related as well as global, debate and discuss ideas and also share our work with each other.

The identity of the Courtyard is thus definitive of what we as WCFA choose to make it. It is not constant.  As the previous two issues suggest, ‘transition’ and ‘growth’ is what will make or break the identity of this platform.

This has been a fortunate beginning and as the last editor of the Courtyard for this semester, I would like to thank all those who have been a part of this journey. As an assignment for the 4th years, this has come to an end, but as a college it is our duty to take this forward and continue what has only just begun.

-Varun Pais

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