Issue 4

I strongly believe in the positivity of new beginnings. There is this certain aura about them, as if one was lost and that to me is the best thing about them. It allows for unlimited exploration and there is no pre-conceived notion of what is to become.  As Billy Collins says in his poem Aristotle;

This is the beginning.
Almost anything can happen.
This is where you find
the creation of light, a fish wriggling onto land,
the first word of Paradise Lost on an empty page.
Think of an egg, the letter A,
a woman ironing on a bare stage
as the heavy curtain rises.
This is the very beginning.

Courtyard, is at its new beginning. The journey so far has been an exciting one, and we are grateful to all that have been a part of it. There is much more to come as we try and turn the newsletter into something bigger. After having gone through an onerous selection procedure, this issue we are introducing the members of our newly elected editorial team.

Since we as a publication are still exploring and trying to find meaning in what we are doing, we have decided to work as two teams that will publish every alternate month. This helps us as there will be different approaches to how and what this newsletter should be. Every issue up until the end of the coming semester will feature a ‘guest editor’- a faculty member who will be involved in deciding what that month’s issue will be about. We as the editorial board are thrilled to see how Courtyard evolves and we hope you are as well.

As this is the end of the semester, on behalf of the Courtyard Editorial Board I would like to wish you all the very best for your exams and hope that your holidays serve as a good break from your buzzing life here at WCFA, well, except for my batch, we still have a lot of work to do!

-Varun Pais

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