Issue 5

New Year, supposedly Earth’s birthday. A day that brings in a beautiful notion of newness, hope, beginnings, opportunities. A day that brings a smile to everyone’s face; as it really is a reset button. New hopes, new wish lists, and new expectations, literally like put a full stop on 2018 and start fresh. We start expecting great things, things to do, things to be. Expectations are tricky, they can make one fly over the moon, empower us, help us grow and be better but also get thrown into the deepest pits of Tartarus. One would expect to start jogging, eat healthy, catch a lot more sunrises, go on treks, spend more time with family and loved ones, finish portfolio, sketch more, etc. We hope that this issue of Courtyard reflects all the myriad expectations WCFA has for the coming year.

For this issue of Courtyard, it was decided to wander off the mainstream write-ups, and article-heavy content but rather bring in content which is more relatable to the readers. A new element “Thought Knot” is introduced wherein the challenge would be released a week prior to the publishing of the newsletter and the wackiest answers to which would be published in the newsletter. This would give you a chance to put your inhibitions aside and open up. Spaces with opportunities to personalise your copy of the newsletter are given.

A platform for the students and faculty to express their concerns, thoughts, ideas or designs outside the studio.

A platform to reflect the various events and activities happening within the college. Hoping this New Year gives you the motivation to catch all your dreams.

-Anamika Mathew

To view the issue, click below.

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