Issue 6

Wadiyar Centre for Architecture, the place we like to call home, realistically is a new and small institute in a small little ‘comfort’ city, Mysore. Nonetheless, we have been making a name for ourselves, not just in India but world-wide. Not many small institutes can achieve this but have you ever taken a moment to think of what your role is in all of this, how you are probably making an impact? No matter how small or big, everything you do makes a difference, just like our newsletter. When we sat down to discuss this issue, we tried to figure out what it is that might attract our readers, how we could get people to contribute to the issue and so on. It took us a while but we realized that getting people to contribute in bulk was not our aim – what we could do with the small amount of curated content that we had seemed like a more suitable track to run down. I am happy, because I feel that we have finally achieved something that can make a difference. Only showing us how much more there is for us to explore with respect to the capabilities of this platform. One of our objectives was to generate discussion and debate amongst the crowds through small and easy reads, expressing different viewpoints on a variety of different topics, all in some way related to us, which is why we did not have a theme this time. This issue is about the power of perspective. Agree to Disagree, is a new column that we have introduced, where a selected member of faculty has to pick a topic that they would like to discuss along with two others. Ideally, three stands would be taken – yes, no and neutral. On the other hand, it’s good to see college back in full action (except the first years, who are hopefully recharging, because they’ll need it). People bring life to a space and I’m sure our beloved faculty were missing us noisy students. Design week is soon and I’m sure everyone is excited about that!

Hope you all enjoy the issue and we at Courtyard are looking forward to hearing from you.

-Varun Pais

To view the issue, click below.

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