Issue 7

“I accept Chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.” – Bob Dylan

The March edition opens with the theme of ‘Chaos’. Chaos is a state of being wherein your presence is brought to a still, as you watch everything around you revolve in infinite patterns. It demands your attention to decode and find its inner order.

Chaos is always associated with a negative, the article by Keerthana Venkatesh questions the “negative”. “Finding Order in Disorder: Organised Chaos” by Indu Panicker takes us on a winding journey through the bustling streets of Shahjahanabad and talks about how even a busy Indian market has it has own sense of order and harmony. While we are all hunting for the meaning of chaos, Shreyas Baindur’s #brainfarts explores the constant amidst the chaos.

The Photography Club brings us glimpses of Mysuru city through their PhotoWalk. The collaborative studio gives us their understanding on “Connectivity and Care”. “Eulogy” written by Vaishnavi Kasibhatla empathises with the perils faced by modern heritage. The issue concludes with “What to do to Begin Doing Nothing” , which talks about exactly what the title suggests.

Courtyard strives to hold content that makes the reader think and question.

P.S. Don’t forget to catch Acorn in action!

-Anamika Mathew

To view the issue, click below.

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