Issue 8

Image Credits: Saanya Rai

Have you ever questioned what you are doing? Why you are here or how you are contributing? Does your contribution have to make a difference? Why are you even contributing and what are you contributing to?

This in some way is an important time for us in India, yet, John George hysterically compares the elections to this seasons IPL, and more particularly one party to namma RCB. And with all the violence that is  happening during this time with Naxalites going bonkers with their shenanigans. But how we assess our individual roles in this fiasco may just prove worthy.

‘The Work’, Soujanya Shivram’s article on her experience of applying for an internship, puts a nutshell what several of the fourth years are going through right now, something that all of us have either gone through or will go through soon. ‘The Story of a Minion’, well, pretty much puts in perspective what the role of the intern, that is us, could actually be.

What is more important – the built or the people living within? Do we really need architects? How influential is architecture? In this issue’s Agree to Disagree, our guest columnist and his two collaborators argue about the same. ‘Does the Architect have a Role in the Identity of a Place’, is something that we should all be thinking of and reading what they have to say is intriguing.

Everyone has been making the most of our beloved Scholar-in-Residence, Aveek Sen. Of course, those of us at Courtyard couldn’t miss out and we had an interesting conversation with him. We asked him about his thoughts on different mediums of art and how they can be used as a means of communication. We’ve also tried to corner him and ask him some questions that we knew would be difficult for him to answer!

Everything in this issue, like everything else, in some sense questions what our role is or could be. It definitely is worth your while, and like I’ve been saying, it makes a difference!

-Varun Pais

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