Issue 9

Image Credits: Pooja Godhi

The theme chosen for the May edition is “Power Play”, simply because this is one of those topics we normally ignore. Say, who’s the candidate from your ward? Or do you have the freedom to tell your parents that you would rather hang out with your friends instead of attending some distant cousin’s wedding? Or as faculty, do you try not to have a favourite student? The first thing that makes its way into our minds is politics- how the parties fight relentlessly- all for attaining that supreme power. However, apart from this, thenhierarchy in our society is something that we tend to ignore- how we always strive for perfection, how we always need to keep running, keep racing to be on top- to be number one. How we’re all made to believe that we need to be in power to make our lives worth living.

Thanos snapped his fingers and half of the entire population faded away. The Avengers may (or may not) have just saved the world but our reviewers have got a whole other take on the matter.

Does one have to build to identify as an architect? The hot debate is on, with Kavana nKumar, Vidyashankar R and KP on this issue’s panel for Agree to Disagree.

The 2nd semester exhibition Indriya questions the need for an architectural ‘lens’ to view the world; five unique perspectives and two faculty speak about their experience on pg.5.

We are introducing a new recurring feature: “Brainfarts “, a column by Shreyas Baindur! In this issue, he talks about how repetitive actions may be mind-numbing or mindful, depending on the point of view. Find it on pg.6

The three-day workshops were a major learning curve for all the participants. Since you all could only attend one workshop at a time, we’ve collated sneak peeks of the learnings from all the workshops so you don’t miss out. Thank us later!

We wish you all the best for your juries and exams. May the odds be ever in your favour!

-Anamika Mathew

To view the issue, click below.

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