Issue 10

Image Credits: Kiran Bhat

The little circles floating around campus told you that Courtyard was listening. We always do and this issue we are introducing ‘Letters to the Editor’. Anything you’ve got to say that you want people to hear? This is where you say it! In his letter, John emphasises on how important it is for students and teachers to be on the same page, while Varsha writes about the journey Courtyard has been through.
Ever questioned how well you know your college mates? Now you won’t have to wonder anymore because we have a new poll for you with some interesting results. While you’re there, Shreyas Baindur’s #brainfarts is back as promised and with an explanation this time!
Being from the batch with only twenty-three students we didn’t always get to choose our elective. One such elective was Vernacular Architecture- which happens to be the topic that is being debated upon in ‘Agree to Disagree’ this issue. Is learning from the vernacular in today’s context still relevant? Nelson Pais, Kukke Subramanya, and Anand Krishnamurthy will speak their minds.
The holidays are approaching, and we’ve got something to-do for every one of you. One of the biggest shows in the world ended last month. We couldn’t let that go by without a review from die-hard Game of Thrones fan Madhavi. On the brighter side, Varun Bapu shares his passion for cooking in our new recurring feature ‘Foodzoodle’. Just make sure you don’t drool everywhere when you see it.
Finally, we’ve got some news for you. Us fourth years are going away for a little bit so we are passing the torch on to our deserving juniors who will form the new team. It is bittersweet to move on from this newsletter that has been such a big part of us. But you won’t get rid of us that easy. I guarantee that you’ll see our names in future issues.

-Aliptha Reddy Govindu

To view the issue, click below.

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