Issue 11

Image Credits: Ravi Nandan

Every one of us has ‘take a break’ on top of our to-do lists: a break from deadlines, our mundane routines, our nagging parents, a break from reality. As fun as it is to go ‘off-grid’ and ‘explore’, these breaks are also times when we pull our brains in tow and think about what matters to us. During our month-long hiatus, we had enough time to think about that question. While getting ourselves more coordinated, searching for weird ideas, hunting for response and making sure #brainfarts doesn’t exceed its page limit, all occupy top spots on our list, but what matters the most to us, is you- the reader. So we decided to ask you what you wanted us to address in this issue and you tossed it right back at us. We hope this issue is able to answer some, if not all the dilemmas that come bundled with this package of ‘What matters?

If architecture is on top of the things that matter to you, this Issue’s agree to disagree will be a treat where Kavana Kumar, John George and Rohan Dayanidhi talk about where architecture fits, is it just a noble pursuit, or is it like the art and poetry that we live for?

As a welcome gesture to the noobs in college, we have decided to make your lives easier by giving you your very own- albeit a downgraded version- Marauder’s map of our college which can be found as a pullout (it has all the college secrets so don’t lose it!). Maybe it’s because we don’t know you well enough yet, that we felt extra generous and decided to also introduce you to the clubs on campus hoping you’ll make better use of your limited free time.

If the thought of taking that break is still on your mind, Rakshith Vasanth can give you some pointers on how to clear your head, as he tells you about his year long break all the way up in the Himalayas. If nothing else seems to matter to you, then I dare you to say no to our star chef, Varun Bapu with his deliciously aesthetic food in his now recurring feature, Foodzoodle.

As a final gift, to our new juniors and whoever else too oblivious to notice, we have WCFA’s unspoken rules: Part 01 to help you out. If you’re still lost and unsure of what matters to you at the end of this issue, maybe you should wait for it to find you, as ‘someone’ always says, ‘What you seek is seeking you.”

-Adithi Srinivas

To view the issue, click below.

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