Issue 14

Image Credits: Vismaya N

Welcome back to the grinding hours and grueling moods of our teasingly low compound wall, which essentially tells you “You can leave anytime but…”. As the students return to the honeymoon phase of the semester, lamenting not only on times begone but also excited about new friendships formed, old ones reignite, while others are torn by separation of classes. But before all this, came a time of togetherness for most of the people of  WCFA during the Tours!

Fortunately or unfortunately known as the “Fun Trip”, this trip is the highlight of the year for us students. We diligently keep track of all the architectural places that we visit, all the restaurants and cafes we eat at, all the streets and “street art” we see, and most importantly we share some of our most memorable laughs and best experiences during this time. All in all, study trips are quite simply fun and you get to see another dimension and range to your batch that a college set up doesn’t generally evoke. The out of studio time provides ample opportunity for not only the peer group to informally mingle with each other but also provides us a chance to get to know our faculty as well. You find out simple things like whose good at card games, who’s really passionate about dancing and the surprisingly proactive adventurers and inquirers. But at the end of the day study tours are just worth it.

Coming to the youngsters in our college, who have battled and fought their way through the first 10% of architecture. They weigh in their opinions and heavy insights on how their parents have given up on fixing their sleeping schedules, how sketching a great section for their design has become their primary dreams and of course of how they’re all enjoying their new found freedom in the quiet yet exciting city of Mysore.

The fourth years embarked on a journey to Goa, as they’re well matured adults now who are now capable of conducting their own private study tours. But unlike our intellectual travels theirs is based more around surviving their previous semester’s design task which still continues to haunt them. Granted that they aren’t the 2019 Mumbai Indians, they’re still heavy hitters and we get an insight on how the year is going for them.

And last but definitely not least, we some exciting news for you from team courtyard. The team has been hard at work at preparing something exciting and fresh for everyone. Please flip to the last page for a quick peak at our new and latest addition of the courtyard. Hope to hear from you guys soon, keep up the spirits and let’s keep this energy going for the rest of semester. Good luck to each and every one of you people out there, and we’ll be back with our next issue soon enough, until then See you soon!

-Aryaman Paul

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