Issue 15

Image Credits: Lamiya Huda

I bet there’s never been a day where we all haven’t wished of a day between every other working day of the week to do absolutely nothing. Well, looks like the genie granted our wish. The phrase ‘Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true!’ cannot find a better situation to be in. The two weeks of nothingness came at quite a cost. I’m sure all that information out there, with quite a few absurd myths going around can get into our heads easily and 15 days of isolation isn’t going to help the case. As you try to navigate all that, its always nice to once in a while take your mind off it for a bit. To help you out with this, here’s what Courtyard has in store for you.

For all the poetry enthusiasts out there, look out for Aliptha’s book review, where she talks about Yesterday I was the Moon by Noor Unnahar. Whatever may be your taste, “There is a poem in this book for everyone” in her words. Every ethnicity is unique, even the ‘clueless’ ones. But trying to explain that uniqueness to someone is what frustrates Abhimanyu Rajshekar who talks about it in his poem  ‘Don’t ask me where I’m from’.

If you were planning on joining a cult to pass time, look no further, we have a letter waiting inside for the only active club on campus, the book club, where a member, who wishes to remain anonymous, gives us non-members a small insight of how this club still manages to remain afloat.

Is it break time yet? Check out Aiyappa’s illustration on the go-to hotspot near college. While you’re there, maybe grab a cup of coffee and chat with Kavan and Eshaanth as they review Bohemian Rhapsody. If you missed Varun Bapu’s art exhibition in Bangalore, worry not as he’s back with another delicious sight.

Sports has been a buzz in college in the past few weeks thanks to all the events the council has been putting together for us. Check out the four houses battling it out on the last page according to the latest scores.

We hope this issue of Courtyard can help take your mind off the possible doomsday and Chinese bioweapon theories and maybe remind you of college in the fifteen-day hiatus. In the meantime, try not to listen to bizarre stuff like ‘Gaumutra’ and ‘Gobar’ for the cure. Jokes and theories aside, we hope all of you stay safe and protected in the present conditions. Happy ‘holidays’, hope we see you all on the flipside.

-Adithi Srinivas

Click below to view the issue.

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