Issue 16

Image Credits: Anivratha Baggunji

From googling ‘How to manage time?’ to ‘How to waste it?’, this last month has brought quite a few drastic turns in all our lives. Or has it? Non-stop couch potato abilities with none of those endless to-do lists in sight? Sign me up! That is, until your mom eyes you and hands you the infamous jhaadu poocha, followed by every possible chore at home. Now you’re wondering why you got out of bed in the first place.

We all know devastating world events have been a never-ending topic of fantasy for the multitude. From zombie apocalypses to yogurt taking over the world, supernatural floods to off-path meteors, World War III to alien invasions, is there a weird futuristic scenario that we haven’t already figured out how to survive? Weapons? Check. Places to hide? Check. Unnecessary amount of products? Check. People freaking out over toilet paper? Check. With all these resources at hand, who would’ve expected that ‘Quarantine and chill’ was going to be the ultimate solution? Albeit being locked down is not the most ideal scenario for our mental states, with the constant rain of COVID news from every outlet out there, I’m sure all of us are looking for a breather from the constant buzz.

Now that you’re a part of this “major historical event” the keyword to remember is ‘survival’. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back on this, as we’ve put together Quarantine Survival 101, to keep a piece or more of your sanity to show on the D-Day. If fantasy is what you’re after, Francis Kurian is here to give you a glimpse of what magic can do.

From suggesting prescription drugs to teaching the public alphabets, politicians are turning out to be stand-up comics during these times. While most of us are sitting at home and questioning our governments, why not check out Lamiya Huda’s review on the famous Netflix series Money Heist, where some brave souls decided to say “We’re coming for you!”

All the way on the planet of disconnected WCFA, some of us still zoom around its hazy clouds of virtual-ness, getting our daily dose of reality checks. From these clouds comes the next checkpoint where the seniors tell us about their thesis projects that are keeping them occupied. Keep a lookout for the next issue for more.

I’m sure by the end of the Great Lockdown we’ll all come out as masters of cooking, at least one foreign language, and of course, own the world of Netflix. While being frozen in time with all of humanity is quite a surreal experience, it doesn’t mean you have to do nothing until you reach the end of the tunnel. So, keep yourself occupied, stay home, stay safe and try to stay sane.

-Adithi Srinivas

To view the issue, click below.

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