Issue 17

Image Credits: Niranjan Prakash

Its day #whoevenknows in lockdown where it feels like time is moving at the speed of light and standing still at the same time, so why bother defining it with a number? The talk of the town still remains to be the C-word as its victims increase day by day. The country is operating on colour codes which determine the extent of our freedom to exist as a human society. People you never knew existed in your neighbourhood are now visible on terraces, balconies and openings of any sort in buildings- heck, even the ghosts in haunted houses are out. We stare at screens day in and day out for survival and sanity, while others are attempting to do the same by standing in long queues outside liquor shops. We all know who’s really going to survive here.

In times like this people are advised to pick up a hobby, think of the things that ail your being, don’t just while away your precious time, and always keep yourself occupied. Does thinking of how to keep one-self occupied count as being occupied? Maybe you ended up finding something to do; maybe you didn’t, but if inspiration is what you’re looking for maybe you can find some here.

You know that feeling when you really want to do something that you’re not supposed to be doing but you do it anyway? Check out Sahana Doravari’s account of stepping into the outside world in ‘A new normal’.

Who doesn’t hate zoom classes? The teachers, you thought? Wrong! Here’s what the ones screaming at you to unmute yourself actually think, in ‘An internal monologue’ where KP tells us her trials and tribulations of being a teacher on zoom.

Honestly, who even has the time to think of the world’s problems as institutions still push you to the finish line that they’ve step up for “normal” circumstances? That’s the debate in this month’s Agree to Disagree where Gourav Mahesh, Kavana Kumar and Rujul Gowda debate about whether the decision to push the academic year through this lockdown is the right one.

In the midst of all this madness, who knows what scheduling even means? So, why not make up one of your own? Here’s what we’ve gathered of all your crazy schedules you told us about on Instagram in ‘Lockdown Loiter’.

At the end of the day, wherever you are and whatever you decide to do or think during this time, know that what really matters is your sanity and that’s what you come out with at the end of this lockdown, a sane, sensible and healthy human being, hopefully.

-Adithi Srinivas

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