Issue 18

Image Credits: Anivratha Baggunji

As some of us unlock our doors and shake off the moss, our friends in other parts of the world are going back into hiding. Some others are replacing their kitchen aprons with cardboard placards and marching the streets. I’m sure our parents wish we were protesting outside too, at least it would get us out of their hair. Closer to home, the first unlock phase hasn’t even ended yet and masks are dropping and confirmed cases are rising.

As we uncomfortably settle into this ‘new normal’, a semester has gone by at WCFA, and there’s no doubt that we all want to get back on campus faster that you can say COVID-19. If you’ve been a bit out of the loop with the happenings in studios across the semester- not to worry. Catch a glimpse of what went on in design studios in our design spread.

In remembrance of the good ol’days when getting an education was about pass or fail and you didn’t have to take your boria bistar onto the terrace for better connectivity, Shreyas Baindur and Sayema Syed write about backlogs and the dilemmas attached, in their pieces, The Burden of Backlogs and Below 50%.

While for some, this lockdown may have been productive, there are many of us who are struggling with mental health issues and find it hard to cope. Take a look at Blue Feelings, where Aliptha Govindu Reddy illustrates what it means to ‘get the blues’ and how to deal with one’s feelings.

Learning on zoom is strange, isn’t it? But does learning only have to happen in a class? Samyukta Nagaraj explores the different facets of learning and how it forms communities in ‘Learning as a window to connectedness’. If you haven’t gotten screen fatigue yet, head to our reviews section to see what’s the latest in movies.

We also asked you what you thought about this ‘zoom semester’. Was it good? Bad? Forget-and-bury-it-in-a-black-hole ugly? Check out all the responses on our polls page. Courtyard is here to connect us, especially in this time of disconnection; to give us our voices and our space. We may not be able to sit together in our courtyard on campus, but this Courtyard is here. It listens, it retains and it transmits- just like it’s physical counterpart.

-Lamiya Huda

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