Issue 19

Photo Credits: Rujul M Gowda

A hundred and fifty plus days since college has closed and I’m confident in saying most of us have transitioned from calling this a lockdown to summer holidays. No matter though, as the VTU’s indecisive spirit is back with a vengeance. After a month of what I’m sure were long hours of debate, we have online vivas in the middle of August. Yes, read that line again.

As the aprons are slowly are being hung up and our families are getting used to having us around, we are constantly scampering for new endeavours to busy our days with, be it playing sports with masks on, art or maybe even reliving experiences. But the one thing I’m certain everyone is thinking is, “The grass really was greener on the other side”, as they put on their VTU masks and become indecisive with their past selves.

But these large amounts of time can lead to overthinking and be a large yet silent contributor to people’s mental health during these hard times. If you want to know more, read our very dear Shivani ma’am’s A Brief Affair running down the effects of mental health issues and how to empower yourself through it. Catch Chris Veigas’s Mindspace, where he asks himself an insurmountable amount of questions that provoke his mind. Read these initial spreads which tackle different aspects of hardships, some of which are aggravated by this lock-down and some newly born.

While a lot of us want to be back in college and surrounded by our friends and faculty, it might not be possible just yet. Check out Agree to Disagree, where John George, Kavan Lobo and Anivratha Baggunji give us an insight and breakdown if, in the future employing a combination of online and offline classes might end up being more beneficial or detrimental to institutions and students.

After which we move on to lighter affairs to the reviews section of the newsletter with article such as Dear Book Club. And if the lock-down hasn’t given you the chance to go to your favourite restaurant and gobble down some luscious cake, Akhita Subramanian provides us with an easy-to-make Chocolate Mug Cake recipe, that will make you slowly drool.

Courtyard is back to provide you guys with a roundup of everything that is going on in this pandemic but how could we end a newsletter without providing a warm and hearty welcome to our new principal while also saying goodbye to our first and favourite seniors? Check out the graphic on page 12 that bids them farewell. Although we are apart, Courtyard is here to bring us back together, so sit back, grab a glass of cocoa and happy reading to you all.

-Aryaman Paul

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