Issue 20

Credts: WCFA Photography Club

I’ve been thinking a lot about where the last 6 months have really gone and for some reason I started relating to the Phineas and Ferb theme song so much, mainly the line “Finding a good way to spend it”. We weren’t loaded with work or passing time doing the “Normal” things in life, we were quarantined for the whole part of it and now as we enter this post quarantine state of limbo, just a few questions circulate in our heads. “Where have the last 6 months gone?” “How did I spend them?” “Was it worthwhile?” but the last two questions are easily the most important “Does this still feel like a pandemic?” and an internal question of “How would I feel if college reopened?”

As you read that last question, I’m sure a few images flashed through your mind. Your friends talking to you not through a screen but through a mask, you are sitting in your studios, drafting a BC sheet, late night talks and travels and well many more. But if you are still unsure as to how you feel about it go over to our Lucid Conversations and ease your mind as I am sure you are not the only one having these thoughts. If that is not confirmation enough to you then continue to our Agree to Disagree section where Ann Lia Matthew, Anish Bhargav and Melita Patricia break down how we all could be feeling, unknowingly knowing that college might start sooner rather than later.

After which we welcome the new teams for Courtyard and On the Pod, and wish them an exciting year ahead. Finally we have a short yet effective compilation of potential movies and series that you can still pursue before the prodigal son (Architecture) returns into our lives and makes sure that we are as busy as ever. This issue of Courtyard aims to reach out to a larger and more diverse reader base, while also doing a little bit of cheeky self-promotion, I mean they do say self-praise is the best praise. Either way, we hope you enjoy this issue, happy reading.

-Aryaman Paul

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