Issue 21

Image Credits: Anusha Muthamma

We’re now in November and I’m sure all of us are starting to feel that on January 1st, 2021, the world is going to be reborn. There’s a common sense of relief and an abstract understanding that as soon as 2020 is over, we’re about to go back to how things were in January or February. But let’s look at all the good things this year has provided us. The pets have probably had the best year of their lives, college students living abroad, got the unexpected chance of living at home with their parents again, nature really thrived, and people who were dancing to the rain gods of yester years have definitely reversed their psychologies. Trump has been trumped by Biden and things are moving back into normalcy. But somethings just never change like the dark side of the Earth.

Humans are constantly evolving although we fear change, a change of routine, throwing a spanner in the works is something that is seen as rescinding development whereas the biggest breakthroughs have been from the reverse. We should apply this especially to the human psychology as even though this year has been filled with staying at home, rape is still as rampant as it ever was. In the initial stages of this newsletter we look at this malpractice. Head over to Only 19 by Kashish Singh and how rape is closer than what we all think it is. After which Point A to Point B by Bhamini Mehra highlights an emotional outburst all of us have been experiencing. Cached Elucidations then provides an overview of the general publics’ opinion regarding Rape and what it constitutes.

Agree to Disagree is something that hits home more to the students this time as it addresses confusion. Students and teachers alike are shown the differing opinions of whether the workload, expectations and the screen time of the semester is justified. They all raise fair points that should be considered the next time someone decides to voice their opinion on this topic. After which we move into the recreational ideas of the newsletter, a space where people can come to for a movie recommendation while food melts in their mouths. In all, we have an issue for you this time that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, so get ready, good luck and happy reading.

-Aryaman Paul

To read the issue, click below.

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