Issue 22

Image Credits: Akhilesh Gowda

‘Another secret of the universe- sometimes, pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere. The clearest summer could end in a downpour. Could end in lightning and thunder.’
-Benjamin Alire Saenz

We’re here – at the end of the year – a year that has brought out some of the worst in the world, leaving us bare. The year had started off with a hint of normalcy – or whatever normalcy had meant to a lot of us. A digression from that normalcy led to some of us feeling dazed and confused, all within confines of a room we might have grown up in and a world that we couldn’t seem to recognise anymore.

Wasn’t the world that we knew supposed to be a happy place? Weren’t things supposed to be predictable? Weren’t we supposed to have a say?

We’re living out history – every one of us, no matter how much we’d like to dismiss it as a bad dream. We’ve met different versions of ourselves throughout this year that have found and recognized strength, resilience and colossal amount of hope within us – a version, reminiscences of which, will live within the core of our beings. We’re living out a paradox, all of us – a period of time that’ll go down in the pages of history, that holds its resolution on unpredictability and you can find out more in the article December by Neha Changappa, talking about her experience and lessons learnt this crazy year.

Maybe this is the year chosen to yank us back into facing all that we had conveniently brushed aside. Maybe we’ll remember this year as a blur. Maybe we won’t have as hard a time promptly switching to writing 01.01.21 from 01.01.20 starting next year.

We’ve all faced loss this year, no matter what the degree. Acknowledging the pain is one thing we’ve learnt, but we’ve also learned to hope. This year is finally ending and it’s the most beautiful time of the year. Although far apart, the hope that comes with a new year unifies us all. 2020 – a blessing in disguise written by Trisha Sudeep, could perhaps give a new perspective on the same. On a different note, head over to look at the work done by students of the journalism elective.
This issue attempts to serve as an ode to one of the most unforgettable years that has passed by us – to all the unpredictability, to the loss, the pain, the revolutions this year has brought to us, but also the small joys, the bonds formed and strengthened and to the people we’ve evolved into. On behalf of the entire team, we wish everyone reading (and those that aren’t) a very happy new year, and wish you find the strength to hold on to hope through the coming year. And no matter what, Courtyard will be here through it all. Happy reading!

-Bindu Maringanti and Madhurya Kharidehal

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