“Space is nothing, yet we have a kind of vague faith in it.”
-Robert Smithson

Courtyard is a void, a platform, a space, a container, a womb, whatever you wish to call it – it can receive all of our impressions, yet it is much more and beyond the sum total of these impressions. Today, it listens, it retains, and it transmits. Today, we hold it in our hands. And tomorrow, it will be a void again, waiting to listen, to retain, to transmit – a space that brings you alive, just as much as you bring it alive.

The Team

Editor-in-Chief: Adithi Srinivas 

Editor: Lamiya Huda 

Layout Editor: Rahul Kustagi 

Graphics Editor: Spoorthi P Jain 

Sound Editor: Rohan Dayanidhi 

Assistant Editors: Vaishnavi Kasibhatla, Aryaman Paul, Zaid Patel, Melita Faraira, Madhurya Kharidehal  

Assistant Layout Editors: Atul Mugasimangalam, Rachana Kandakur 

Assistant Graphics Editors: Abinaya Varshni, Vismaya N, Neha Mishra, Vaishnavi Olety, Arnesh Ghosh, Yashwanth Kumar

Photo Correspondent: Anivratha Baggunji 

Critics-at-Large: Krishnapriya Rajshekar, John George

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