Issue 25: Mental Health

Credits: Chris D. Veigas

To live “on” Earth is not the problem. The planet is merely a physical landscape that supports life. But the complication starts when we talk about this mental construct of a “world”, that we are all forced to subscribe to in some capacity. A world that requires you to achieve something. To be ambitious. To make money. To lead a certain “acceptable” lifestyle. To contribute.

The existence of this “world” however, doesn’t stop each one of us from creating little customized worlds of our own, inside our heads. A world colored by influences and choices that we’ve so carefully curated into personalities. And while it was all simple and easy to juggle our personalities and the world in the early years of our lives, at some point, the rose-colored tint washes away and the disparity between the two becomes a canyon, so tempting to keep falling into.

This struggle manifests differently for each one of us and while we all keep fighting this silent battle, it is important to acknowledge that it exists. That it is okay to seek help and reach out and that it is important to be empathetic with everyone else out there because you’re not alone.

This issue is just the first step towards creating a space that acknowledges mental health. The hope is that we can all be kind and supportive to everyone, including ourselves, in this journey. Because who needs the rose-colored tint to fool them about the world, when we’re all roses ourselves, standing on this battlefield and turning it into a rose garden.

On a lighter note, we have something quite exciting brewing for our next issue that brings together some very familiar WCFA faces who are out in the real world, and ties them through the thread of humor. So stay tuned!

-Disha Dilip, Editor


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