Issue 23

Image Credits: Anivratha Baggunji

I know that the turn of the year might have been the strangest one yet for all of us. With college reopening to offline exams, the invigorating stress that all of us conceived was quickly and painlessly killed with the excitement of seeing all of our batchmates again. Feeling that eerie sense of re-entering the same gate after 10 long months, the tension of knowing that we are only doing it to sit for 3 hours at a stretch and stare at a sheet of paper as the veins in our hands popped, yet there was this excitement, this excitement of familiarity, to hear the people in the courtyard, cross by one another in the corridor, although with masks on and just know that you are back upon a ground, your stomping ground, which you should never have been forced to flee in the first place.

But no matter, as the people came back to college, jolting it life again, there were too many untold stories of the semester that had to be told. Therefore, in this issue of the courtyard we hope to bring to you, topics that you might have missed or are just not talked about enough. The issue by itself starts off with a very opinionated column “BREAKING it down”, an interactive platform which we hope will become a mainstay of the newsletter. A space where the queries of WCFA are answered by some of the best minds, so remember send in your questions for the next issue and we will get them answered as well. Moving onto a more personal endeavor, Rujul M Gowda recently partook in a workshop and subsequently an internship with one of WCFA’s previous faculty Ar. Varun Thautam, relive his experience in “Denkanikottai Workshop”.

Moving on we have something called as “The Notice Board” which for all intents and purposes you should not miss out on. See examples of every semesters work but this time they are not just being showcased as work but are being criticized by the very student’s of WCFA, giving in insightful and sarcastic while setting a serious yet playful mood throughout the entire section. While last but not least we have a playful graphic of the truths of what it is like to be in an architecture studio and with that we, the Courtyard Team, would like to officially wish the first years a warm and happy time at WCFA, you all are in for an absolute rollercoaster of a journey. And with that being said, here’s to hoping for only offline classes from now on and happy reading!

-Aryaman Paul

To view the issue, click the link below.

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